Message Posted By: fiona walker(graham)

Fiona seeking Trisha

Ex-flatmates from 50 Queens Avenue, Muswell hill - its Fiona looking for Trisha (Tricia?) Killen; I believe she bought a flat somewhere nearby in North London after we both left. She helped me through a bad time. We shared with Toby, Nick & various others; just generally interested to get in touch/find out how we got on with our lives!!

Posted on: 18/07/2007

Poster Information:

Name: fiona walker(graham)

Born: 0

Town: nr Malaga

Looking For:

Name: Trisha Killen

Born: 1960

Reply posted on: 02/06/2008

From Tricia Killen

Born: 0

Town: Muswell Hill

Hi Fiona,

I have only just seen this message. I would love to get in touch with you again!!

Would you believe I am still living in Muswell Hill (but have lived in New York and Paris for many years since we last met!!). I still own a flat on Queens Avenue (although I live on Hillfield Park).

I remember going to the cinema in Finchley with you and seeing The Amityville Horror and also 10, when you were a journalist with the Finchley Press.

I also remember your life cycle of a prawn outfit!!

Please get in touch at