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Travel Mates

Searching for Jim Leighton, stationed at RAF Bomber Command, Scampton Lincoln.1948. We used to travel to Manchester at weekends by train,or we would hitch hike,then you would get the train to Rawtonstall,and I would get the train to Bolton. We would meet up again in Manchester to travel back to Lincoln. We both worked in the Orderly Room,and were great friends.Iwould love to hear from you Jim to remember old times.I am a widow now.Please contact me Eunice Topham (Toppy)

Posted on: 06/08/2007

Poster Information:

Name: Eunice (Toppy) Topham (Toppy)

Born: 0

Town: Bolton Lancashire

Looking For:

Name: James (Jimmy) Leighton

Born: 1928

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