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looking to find an ex partner (mother of my son)

i have been looking for emma kirkpatrick now for 2 yrs+ we had a disagrement when i will in a very ill state of health and i told her to leave me and it was over alough i regret that to this day she was last known at dumfries and stayed near lochside drive near the super market she has a baby boy (my son) i have never seen him but hope to soon i have changed my address since the last time we seen or spoke to each other i now have a new mobile i am much better now and hope if any one knows her please text me on 07849997344 or email me she will be about 18 or 19 yrs of age maybe nearly 20 please please help thanks

Posted on: 12/08/2007

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Name: kevin thomson

Born: 0

Town: galashiels

Looking For:

Name: emma kirkpatrick

Born: 1989

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