Message Posted By: gary byrne


looking for you

Posted on: 10/11/2007

Poster Information:

Name: gary byrne

Born: 0

Town: milan

Looking For:

Name: jean holtby

Born: 1950

Reply posted on: 28/08/2008

From Jean Ende

Born: 0

Town: Armonk

I have found Lee who told me to check out the
web site. Please refresh my memory!

Reply posted on: 04/05/2008

From Lee Elmi

Born: 0

Town: New York

Strange......... Jean was looking for me. Mike Byrne responded.
He knew that my parents are mixed and that I moved to the States.

How do Jean and I know you?
Are you from Hull or did we meet you in Italy?


Reply posted on: 03/08/2008

From Lee Lange

Born: 0

Town: New York, New York

Ok Mr., You posted the message we found it you did not respond. So now Jean and I are curious as to who you and Mike are, especially living in Milan.. I am thinking Antibes?. Age fades certain things so please do not be insulted!