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Looking up old friends

Dennis lived on Hafod Street Port Talbot and we met as teenagers. His parents were Jack and Betty. He has 2 brothers, Ashley and Brian. He attended Glanafan secondary school. His birthday is around Feb.20th. My maiden name was Mortimer and we dated a while. I have been trying contact other friends through other sites with success, but so far unable to find Den. Would be lovely to hear how life has been for him and maybe chat on line.

Posted on: 24/11/2007

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Name: hazel keys

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Town: kitchener

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Name: Dennis Davies

Born: 1945

Reply posted on: 03/08/2012

From Carol Weaver nee Storey

Town: Kelowna, BC

I also knew Dennis as a teenager and married a friend of his: Ken Weaver, Brynheulog Street.
Ive never seen Dennis on my trips back to Port Talbot. I am doing some memory books and would like to mention him and do a little blurb on where he is, etc. Have you managed to locate him?
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