Message Posted By: Ian Hellowell


Just seen the message you posted trying to locate me, if you would like to get in touch send me an e-mail. So you know that i am the Ian Hellowell you seek i have a tatoo of Donna on my lower right arm and a bigger one on my upper left shoulder. Your mum was with me when they were done in Ashton...

Posted on: 25/11/2007

Poster Information:

Name: Ian Hellowell

Born: 0

Town: Preston

Looking For:

Name: Katrina Booth

Born: 1986

Reply posted on: 17/11/2015 16:58:33

From Katrina Booth

Town: Manchester


I have literally only just seen this message after searching my own name in google out of curiosity to see what comes up! Completely forgot about this message I sent in the first place! If you do get this message you can find me on facebook as Katrina Katrina or email or call me at / 07538536250 / 07568073738.

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