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Looking for Ronald (Ronnie) Hopkins

Im not sure where he lives only that he knew my mother Elizabeth Decima Stella Wells around 1957-1958 I think she lived in Weybridge at the time but Im not sure, I need to find Ronnie to talk to him I have been thinking about him for a lot of years now and it would be nice to meet him or even talk on the phone if anyone could give me any info I would be so grateful.

Posted on: 29/11/2007

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Name: Julie Sludds

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Town: Wexford

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Name: Ronald (Ronnie) Hopkins

Born: 1935

Reply posted on: 29/09/2016 17:04:41

From martin bailey

Town: bristol

My aunt was Decima Stella Wells . Could this be the same person ? she lived in East Grinstead Sussex .