Message Posted By: Keturah Anderssen

Hi. Im searching for Stewart, Andrew and John Robinson (sons of John and Mary Robinson). Last known address was in Herne Bay, Kent. Any information needed!

Posted on: 09/11/2003 18:33:15

Poster Information:

Name: Keturah Anderssen

Looking For:

Name: Stewart Robinson

Town: Herne Bay

Reply posted on: 09/03/2007

From Michael Terrell

Born: 0

Town: Weatherford,TX

Are you the same Keturah Anderssen I used to chat with a few years ago?...both by email and ICQ?...
you changed your email to

Reply posted on: 31/05/2005

From Andrew Robinson

Born: 1963

Hello Keturah
I appreciate that your original message was posted a long time ago - but I am Stewarts twin brother. Can you give me some more information before I divulge any more information?


Reply posted on: 11/07/2005

From Keturah Anderssen

Born: 0

Town: Bristol

Hi Andrew,

Sorry if you receive this twice. My first reply didnt seem to get published.

To be honest, I didnt except a reply to my post. Ive been hoping to trace you, Stewart and John for sometime - I singled Stewarts name out because of the different spelling.

I believe Im your half-sister. My father is John Robinson from 8 Wentworth Gardens, Herne Bay. I tried to contact him again recently, but as I didnt receive a response, assume that he no longer lives there. As we arent in touch, Ive no idea how much hes told you about me - or even if he has.

I truly dont want to cause any problems, but Ive often wondered about you all.

I understand if you dont want to get in touch, but if you would like to, you can mail me at