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Paul - the last time I saw you was in London, many years ago. You had moved to Belgium and you told me you had two sons. We first got to know each other while you were living on a houseboat in Cheyne Walk, London, before you went to Hull University to do Philosophy. I remember meeting your parents in their house in Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey. Id love to get in contact again to catch up on old times.. Phoebe

Posted on: 09/11/2003 19:07:33

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Name: Phoebe Emond

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Name: Paul McAngus

Town: Sheerness

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If your mother was Ivy and you lived on St. George Ave. Im the cousin who spent the summer of 59 (or 60) at your place.

Reply posted on: 21/10/2005

From Paul McAngus

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Town: Versailles

Sent you this reply Sat 15th Oct.

Hi Feeb,

To establish my credentials:
You were brought up in Rhodesia, went to Goldsmiths College, were a sometime Go-Go dancer on Stromboli, and the last clear memory I have of you was from before I went to Brussels: you got off your motorbike looking as drop-dead gorgeous as ever and had an early-afternoon pils with me at some bar or café in W2. June 1979? You were contemplating marriage to Dr Emond, which youve evidently since done. We met again, I think, when I was across for a Motor Show in 1980 but that ones gone a bit foggy.

I hope youre still there. Weve got a lot to catch up on. In my case long postings to Paris and Rome, long marriages, more (long) kids but long divorces, too, and worse.

My second ex-wife is French which is why I find myself back in France, living in Versailles for the moment. Its my youngests 14th birthday today. My eldest, Jack, now 32, is across for the occasion, prior to buzzing off to live with his American girl friend in NY.

Jack and I were shooting the breeze in a restaurant in Versailles earlier this evening -life, love and vice-versa- and I brought up your name. Oh, he said. Forgot to tell you ... I spotted this message from a Phoebe looking for you a couple of years ago...

About the time I nearly got around to posting a similar one to you.

Please get in touch.


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From Ian Hamilton

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Are you, by any chance, the Paul McAngus who began his working life at Waseys, realised that advertising was a shallow existence and went to university (Bristol?), joined the motor trade and occasionally kept in touch with me to compare degrees of happiness and salary as I continued to linger in the lower foothills of thead agency business?