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Natalie Cyd

Natalie, I am Claire Houston. We have the same mother. Your were adopted when you were young, by Charles and Sheila. Shiela is your Birth fathers mother. His name is Paul Pashley. I have been looking for you for such a long time, and I know that this is the longest of such a long shot, but I am hoping and praying that this will work. I know that you may be scared, as I know a little of what happened between you, though I fear that I will never know the full story. This considered, you must know that any action (or lack thereof) you take to be in touch with her I will respect, as this is truly your decision. I just want to know you, as I feel that we have been denied something that was not anyone else right to withhold from us. I have a wonderful husband and two amazing children that I would dearly love for you to meet. I think that you should know that we have a younger brother, born in 1987. I cant think of anything else to say now, except that if you want to contact me my email address is I also have msn and bebo, my name being claire houston (Clamh)

Posted on: 18/01/2008

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Name: Claire Houston nee Smith

Born: 0

Town: Portaferry

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Name: Natalie Elliot (spelling?)

Born: 1977

Reply posted on: 04/01/2013 18:32:37

From julie smith

Town: bangor

I am Natalie and Claires mother. Natalie was christened Natalie Cyd Pashley and her grandparents are Ian and Shirley Elliott. Natalie was born 31/12/1977 her father is Paul William pashley. She has a brother Ciaran Smith whom she has never met who is also Claires brother and other sisters who include Claire and Suzanne Pashley and and other sibling who I dont know the names of