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Searching for Moi Davies (Meurig Ap Hywel)

Searching for my dear friend, Moi Davies(I believe his birth name was Meurig Ap Hywel). His birthdate is April 15, 1968-born in Wales. We both lived and met in England (near London) in 1985. The address I provided is an old one I think he stayed there with his parents for a while in 1986. He has an older brother and older sister. The sister I think lives in Swansea, South Wales and the parents possibly in Cardiff. Ive been looking for years with no luck. If anyone knows him or any of his relatives, please give him my message and email address. He was a very special friend and I love and miss him very much. I have many letters from before we lost touch and at that time in the late 1980s, he was doing alot of traveling (France, Greece, Italy, back to Wales...) but he always said he was going back to England or Wales to possibly live with his sister. I also have a message posted on the Wales Index. Thank you so much for any help anybody can give me. I really miss him! God bless you!

Posted on: 27/01/2008

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Name: Moi Davies

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From Melissa Zickafoose

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I am still searching for Moi Davies. Its been about 8 years since I posted the first message. I did find another friend of his, Chris Muncis who knows Moi is still alive thank God. Moi had a close friend in Swansea named Justin that has some sort of antique furniture business. Moi had mentioned he was going to work for him. I tried to find luck. Unfortunately, Chris lost touch with Moi when he moved to Canada. If anyone reads this message that may be able to find/contact him, please let me know! Thank you so much!!