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Harry Deacon...born 1942
Son of Muriel and Harry Sr Deacon
Brother of Peter Anthony

Peter Anthony wishes contact with you
Please respond.

Posted on: 02/02/2008

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Name: Deb Soul

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Town: hamilton

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Name: Harry Deacon

Born: 1942

Reply posted on: 03/01/2009

From Matthew Deacon

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Town: Wooburn Green

My name is Matt Deacon, my father is Harry Royston Deacon and my grandfather was Henry Hazard Deacon and my grandmother was Muriel Marie Wheway. Please contact me. Not sure who you are. Please explain. Both my grandparents have passed away, but can contact my father.

Reply posted on: 30/01/2010

From Ray Hayes

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Town: Hobart

Hi Matt,
I am researching Deacon families from Wiltshire that may be related to my Deacon families.
Henry Hazard Deacon born 1868 married Martha Norman in 1892.
They had 11 children by 1911, and all of the boys had Hazard as a middle name, including Henry Hazard Deacon born 1895.
I think he married Edith Grace Howes in 1918, and they had a son Henry Hazard Deacon in 1920 in Edmonton, and Denis H in 1921 ?
I take it that Henry Hazard Deacon born 1920 is the one who married Muriel M Wheway in 1942 ?
I would like to exchange family history notes if you or other family members are interested.
(I dont know yet whether my Deacon family members from Trowbridge, Wiltshire are connected to your Deacon family)
Ray Hayes
Hobart, Tasmania