Message Posted By: Stefanie Westphal

Has anybody seen Justian?

I`m looking for a friend i haven`t seen for nearly 20 years.The last thing i know is that he went to Helsinki/ Finland to study at the university.
His name is Justian Brickell and he will be 39y this september.I guess he grew up in Christchurch/ Dorset, and then lived in Poole/ Dorset.So if anybody knows where he could be,please contact me.

Posted on: 05/03/2008

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Name: Stefanie Westphal

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Town: Hamburg

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Name: Justian Brickell

Born: 1969

Reply posted on: 25/03/2008

From Justian Brickell

Born: 0

Town: Helsinki

A friend of mine in Taiwan saw you were looking for me (gotta love the internet!)
Ive often wondered how your life has been going, so how are you?