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Searching Frans Marinus Boot

Born in 1896 in Rilland Bath,the Netherlands. Married and devorced Mrs. Benders. We found information that he travelled to America en later on to the UK. Perhaps sailer? Name of his father also Frans Marinus Boot, name of his mother Sara Rijstenbil. For family investigations we are looking for his children. We know that one son died during World War II. No other children found in the Netherlands.
Please contact us by email.

Posted on: 17/03/2008

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Name: Lilian Vergne

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Name: Frans Marinus Boot

Born: 1896

Reply posted on: 09/10/2010

From Elisabeth Benders-Hyde

Town: Marshfield MA

Frans Marinus Boot was the first husband of my aunt, Adriana Benders. She was 17 at the time of her marriage on 26 Feb, 1920 and had a son, Frans Marinus Boot, 6 months later. This is the son who died on the Eastern Front fighting for Germany. He and his mother were in the NSB.

Frans Marinus Boot immigraged to the United States and died 31 July 1983 (Age 87) in Milwaukee, Wisconcin. You can find out more about Frans Marinus Boot at

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From Lilian Vergne

Town: Amsterdam

Thank you so much for your reply.
Indeed we were searching for Marinus Boot and his background. It seems to be also the father of my aunt, Jo Stasse, who is born in 1919 at Hardinxveld-Giessendam. My grandmother had a child before she married with my grandfather. My aunt never knew who her father was. In 1948 she immigrated to Canada en became mother of 2 children. One of them is still alive (my cousin), named Barbra and lives in Canada still. It seems to be that Marinus Boot is her grandfather but we never know for sure. It is because of people started talking after the dead of my grandmother in 1986. Her name was Teuna Boeren and she was born in 1897.
We are still hoping that someone knows more about the story perhaps with documents. The child is born before the marrige with your aunt. Documents of the marrige are available in Holland and we do have them overhere.

Very nice of you that you gave a reaction on this email.

Kind regards from

Lilian Vergne-van den Enden
granddaughter of Teuna Stasse-Boeren