Message Posted By: Kim Diane Collins

I am looking for my birth father his name was David Marriott. I am looking for any members of his family as well. As far as i know he was a butcher and he had a twin brother. My mothers name is Tina and my Grandfather was called Jack Collins

Posted on: 19/11/2003 13:09:51

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Name: Kim Diane Collins

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Name: David marriott

Town: Sydenham

Reply posted on: 17/06/2007

From kirsty shaw

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Town: hastings

my late grandad was could jake collins he married my gratnan flo.he lived in watford.and passed away abot 10yrs ago.

Reply posted on: 09/01/2006

From tim collins

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Town: london

I am working on a new TV show for the BBC. We are helping people trace missing family members and tracing their family roots.

If you are still looking, we could help you.

Please give me a call on 0207 749 1944 or email me on for details.

Tim Collins