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Missing Father

I am looking for my father John Owen Lee. I believe he married my mother Kathleen Price in 1949 at The Perthy, Frankton, Ellesmere. I was born o ,n February 15th 1950 Denise Carol , my brother Barry Anthony was born on July 7th 1951. My father was in the KSLI at the end of the war and for a short time we lived in Germany.My parents were divorced in 1958. The last time I saw my father was in 1962 when my brother was involved in a road traffic accident he lived at the home of my foster parents Mr & Mrs Rowlands for a time after the accident. The latest information I have is that he was living in Shrewsbury in 1968. If he or anyone else who knows of him sees this message I would appreciate it if they could contact me on the given e-mail address.

Posted on: 12/05/2008

Poster Information:

Name: Denise Carol Skyrme nee Lee

Born: 0

Town: Hereford

Looking For:

Name: John Owen Lee

Born: 1926

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