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looking for father

I am assisting my partner in finding his father who walked out on him when he was only around one or two Years of age.
My boyfriend- Lee hilsden ( formally Lee Smith ) doesnt have internet access so has asked me to help assist him as he doesnt want his family to know he is searching for his father as he thinks it would upset them.
He knows little about his birth father other then that he used to be a window cleaner from london, and was married to his mum - a tracey hilsden. He also thinks his father has remarried if not at least once and that he has half siblings that he is unaware of. So if you are or know a Alan smith from London please come forward! thanks


Posted on: 13/05/2008

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Name: Emma Dowse

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Town: Southampton

Looking For:

Name: Alan Smith

Born: 1963

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