Message Posted By: rachel todd

would like to find

julia and john gibb fostered me and my brother and sister in the early 80s and I would love to get in touch with them

Posted on: 03/06/2008

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Name: rachel todd

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Town: sheffield

Looking For:

Name: julia gibb

Born: 1960

Reply posted on: 15/07/2010

From julia Gibb

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Town: Northallerton

Hi Rachel
Just googled my own name whilst waiting for a reply from John. Your message came up which was quite a suprise.How are you doing? Hope you are well and taking care of yourself.
What has happened to you all since you moved on?
How are your brothers and sister?
We moved about five times since you were with us.
I have two sons 30 and 28 and a daughter 25 we adopted 23 years ago.
Looking at when you posted message I hope this message gets to you.
Love Julia

Reply posted on: 16/07/2010

From rachel maqbool

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Town: sheffield

oh my god! what a surprise!!! I didnt think I would get a reply its been that long since I sent the message! we are all fine, Im married with 2 sons, 21 and 18. John is also married with 3 sons and michelle is settled with her partner with a daughter age 12. Janet has a son age 18 and andrew now lives in Dubai!I knew you had 2 sons but didnt realise how old they are! how are you and john? hope your all well. I think about you both often and how much care and love you gave us when we needed it, we all really appreciate it. say hello to every one and please keep in touch. my email is love to you all xxxxxxxxxx

Reply posted on: 20/07/2010

From rachel todd

Born: 0

Town: sheffield

hi julia, dont know if you received my last message, but not got a reply after the last 1 you sent. hope you receive it because would love to stay in touch with you