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looking for my wee brother and sister (twins)

my mother had my half brother and sister to thomas meechan from castlemilk.they were 3 three when they were adopted out but will now be 22 in august the 18th.their names were heather and john mc luskie then but i do realise that they might be changed now. the social worker who dealt with the adoption was janet burch from the johnstone social work department. i know they went to a nice family and i did recieve one letter from the twins when they were roughly 5. i would love them to get to know me and thier brother craig and my daughter and his son.

Posted on: 09/06/2008

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Name: amand gallagher

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Town: glasgow

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Name: heather mc luskie

Born: 1986

Reply posted on: 28/07/2014 22:35:49

From bonnie meechan

Town: clydebank

Hi amanda cld u cintact me please xx