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looking for richard goodall (my father)

I am looking for richard goodall I have never seen him he would probably be in his 40s now. He used to live in New Addington in Surrey. As far as i know he moved to Lincoln but his parents still live in New Addington. He had a brother called Dameon and a sister called Tracy and he used to have big fluffy white dogs maybe huskys cant be sure.I also found out that he may have been a Special Constable with the police in Lincoln. I would really like to know my roots and be able to write them in my daughters baby book as that section is very bare. If anyone knows him or how to fnd him please let me know i would be eternally grateful. I have provided all the information I know.

Posted on: 19/06/2008

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Name: kristeena smith

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Name: Richard Goodall

Born: 1968

Reply posted on: 01/02/2009

From shelley goodall

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Town: Louth, lincolnshire

Its shelley i replied to your message on genes reunited!
im guessing im your half sister i only found out last week that dad had a child before me!
please contact me on 07517862933
Hope to hear from you soon