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Missing Sister

Hello my name id Debbie. My mother Catherine o-conner but named Styring when she got married,She gave birth to Jacqueline june Anderson in dublin in Ireland however Catherine took Jacqueline and ran away from home and came to sheffiield in Shire Green. When her husband Derric, Decieded to put Jacqueline up for adoption because of the conciquenses they were in so Jacueline was put up for adoption in 1961 28th of march at the Juvenile court and now Sister Debbie who Catherine gave birth to in 1960 july 31 has known about her sister and i would love to get in touch with her so if you are or you know where she is please contact this number 07762370811 Xx

Posted on: 22/06/2008

Poster Information:

Name: Deborah Strying

Born: 0

Town: Rotherham

Looking For:

Name: Jaqueline Anderson

Born: 1958

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