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looking for my wee brother and sister (twins)

my mother, maureen mc luskie gave birth to my twin wee brother and sister on 18 august 1986, but then put them up for adoption 3 yrs later. i am their half sister as have a diff dad, but lived with them up till then. john and heather are never out my thoughts and i will never give up on finding them one day.i stayed in linwood, paisley with them then, but now i live in glasgow with their neice i would love them to meet. my other full brother craig also has a son, who is nephew to them.dont have any information as complicated due to them being adopted. all i know is they went to a lovely couple.

Posted on: 02/07/2008

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Name: amanda gallagher

Born: 0

Town: glasgow

Looking For:

Name: heather mc luskie

Born: 1986

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