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Trying to find.................................

David Anthony Williams.
This is my father. Any person who thinks the may know him, please contact me via here.

David will be 57. Birth yr is 1950. He is from Port Talbot and has 2 brothers and 1 sister. The 2 brothers stilll live near or in Port Talbot.

David was AKA Tony. He was married to my mother 1982 ish. They both lived in Bridgend up until the time he left which was around 1992 - ish.

If anyone has any info, I would be more than grateful. I do not wish to hurt anybody in this process, I just want to know who my father is!
I will not perposefully interupt or upset his current family life.

Posted on: 07/07/2008

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Name: Kathryn Kuczynski

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Town: Romsey

Looking For:

Name: David A Williams

Born: 1950

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