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I am searching for my brother

Hello i have not seen my brither in over 20 years he left ireland to work and we have not heard from him since the last known address we had was Maidstone, Kent his name is Eamon Doyle we think he may ahve married twice, we dont know much to be honest only we desperatly want to find our brother .. I am his sister joesphine me and my other sister leana have been searchinf for years but we have come to a block he seems nowhere to be found please if you know anything that may help get in contact with us
Thank you kind regards Joesphine Doyle .

Posted on: 10/07/2008

Poster Information:

Name: Joesphine Doyle

Born: 0

Town: naas

Looking For:

Name: Eamon Doyle

Born: 1960

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