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I am searching for birth father

My Fathers name is Raymond Lewis Dobson he was born in 1942 and he has a sister called Lucy, his Mom prior to marrying was called May Woolass. My Father was born in Scunthorpe and now I believe lives in Newcastle. If anyone can help please please get in touch. Thank you.

Posted on: 09/09/2008

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Name: carla dobson

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Town: rugeley

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Name: raymond lewis dobson

Born: 1942

Reply posted on: 04/01/2009

From Alan Ward

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Town: Leicester

Raymond Lewis Dobson, age 66, is registered as a part owner of a property in Costa Caleta, Fuerteventura.
I have met his sister Lucy from Pickering, Yorkshire, whilst visiting Fuerteventura.
Kind regards. Alan Ward.
11:56 AM Sunday; January 4, 2009