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marlene seeks catchpoles

Hi Mike
My name is Marlene, I have sent one message, dont know if you got it.
I was one of several kids that used to go to good old Catchpoles holiday camp,3 or 4 yrs running.
We were a group of kids from a childerens home in cambridgeshire. We used to all pile out of an old bluey green converted ambulance, with dark windows. I was the one who entered all the competions, hats, buttonholes, shove halfpenny,
and make them for the others.
Swimming was another, Andrew and timmy Stokes, Dennis, johnny and philip, the Macdonald brothers.Susan Farrow, i could reel off loads more. I dont have any photos or any memrobelia of dear old Catchpoles, But some great memories,
my first true romance was at Catchpoles, Snogging
by the swimming me at Marlene

Posted on: 12/09/2008

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Name: marlene bell

Born: 0

Town: littleport

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Name: catchpoles unknowen

Born: 1958

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