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Urgently seeking Darren Keinzley

If anyone knows the where abouts of darren keinzley can they please email us please. His father is very ill and his brother recentley died and his father wants to talk to him. Hes not coping at all well and needs to find darren urgently before its to late. It would mean a lot to him if darren would get in touch. We are not sure where he is living at all but think he has a small farmlet somewhere around the somerset area. Hoping someone can help us please. Or phone on New zealand 06 3787695 and ask for chris or jack . Many thanks .

Posted on: 19/09/2008

Poster Information:

Name: chris siemonek

Born: 0

Town: masterton

Looking For:

Name: darren Keinzley

Born: 1976

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