Message Posted By: Lynne Jenkins

Seeking Brian Cawoods Sisters

I am trying to locate the sisters of Brian Cawood who is 58 and living in Canada. Brian was adopted by Nina and Harry Cawood and lived in Cleckheaton until his marriage to Anne Cockayne. Brian is terminally ill and would like to make contact with Anne and Jane before it is too late.

Posted on: 11/10/2008

Poster Information:

Name: Lynne Jenkins

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Town: Liversedge

Looking For:

Name: Anne/Jane Cawood

Born: 1965

Reply posted on: 27/01/2009

From Jane Ginnett

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Town: London

Hi this is Jane - have just found your message on the internet. Have spoken to Anne who is now married and has the surname Hunt. She is living in Portsmouth. Mum lives with her as Dad passed away in 2006. Their home phone number is 02392 780999.

Sorry to hear about Brian and hope he is still with us.