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Half italian, Steve?

I am 22 years old, I was born on the 28/09/1986. My mother Kathleen Bishop who was 30 at the time was in Leciester, England and meet a man in a bar that he was a regular at, anyway it turns out he is my father and my mum does not have any more information on him other than his first name Steve and that he is half italian, (Siccillian). When my mum found out she was pregnant she tried to find him but had no luck and returned to New Zealand to be with her family. I know its a long shot but any information or and one that possibly thinks they could have some link just maybe please help me.

Posted on: 25/10/2008

Poster Information:

Name: Tessa Bishop

Born: 0

Town: Auckland

Looking For:

Name: Steve ???

Born: 1963

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