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evelyn from blumentritt,philippines

Hi, Im desperate looking for you.Im trying to contact your old number but it is unavailable.Maybe youve already moved.After more than 10years,my family and I will visit London,weng, my sister resides there for almost 6 yrs now.shes also trying to contact your old number but she failed.My friend, I hope your still fine and Im hoping that through this mail someone might read it and tell it to you or you yourself find this.The last time I saw you here in the Philippines,your eldest is a girl and you have 2 boys who are twins.and your husband named andrew.e-mail me once you found this letter.

Posted on: 08/11/2008

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Name: rosemarie abalos

Born: 0

Town: manila

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Name: evelyn resurreccion-stanley

Born: 1965

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