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Biological father

I am looking for my Dad,who met my mom ,Dawn Mary Victoria English,Maiden name jones,she may have had the divorced name Owen ,as that what was on my birth cert.My step dad Tom English may have met him ,i remember a brief encounter when i was (i think )three in a car with my mom, and remember crying said he was a w o l from the army thats why they could not marry so she met my now stepdad,and i became his ,mom died this year in jan and i have this urge to find him ,not sure why ,have always thought about him ,mom was going to take me to the black horse pub in sparkbrook to meet him once ,but it never happened ,i was 13 then ,she said thats where he drank .i do not know any thing about him ,just that he was called peter read (reid ) not sure how old he was .mom had me in 1974 3rd was 30 ish at that age .

Posted on: 08/11/2008

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Name: tanya english(owen)

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Town: tamworth

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Name: Peter Read

Born: 1950

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