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Searching for Jeanette Dawn London

I am Posting on behalf of my Partner,Megan Wilson-Taylor.Megan Was born 2/6/1975 of the name of PEARL MARGARET LONDON in Wrexham. We beleive Jeanette was Meadowcroft in Preston when she was 16,but subsequently Meadowcroft has shut down.Father Unknown,but, beleived to be of east european and/or asian descent. have explored all available resources but,to no avail.Megan(Pearl) would like to say hello and possibly reunite with her natural mother.There is no ill-will,just curiosity and maybe contact?

Posted on: 13/11/2008

Poster Information:

Name: Danny Fray

Born: 0

Town: Southampton

Looking For:

Name: Jeanette Dawn London

Born: 1959

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