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looking for linda

Linda brown will be 44 her date of birth is the 5th of may 1964 and as children we were the best of cousins.we both went to gilmerton primary school in edinburgh way back in the 70,s .She moved to london in the late 70,s with her mum norma brown and her sister michelle we lost touch in may 1985 as she was to be the best maid at my wedding on may the 5th which was her birthday and never got in touch. lost all communication with her and feared something awful had happened.found this site at last so hopefully after all these years i can find her.Catherine gordon but she will know me as brennan as her dad kenny brown is the brother to my mum betty brown.

Posted on: 13/11/2008

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Name: catherine gordon

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Town: lasswade

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Name: linda brown

Born: 1964

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