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im trying to find my dad

this is going to be hard as i have hardly any info. im 25 years old and have never met him. i believe his 11 years younger than my mum so approx mums name is lynda kinsey who had 3 children at the time louise 13,amanda 12 and christopher 9, who were living in fellows garden in peterborough. i think the pub they met in was called the peacock in the peterborough area. i know his has a brother and also a daughter who is down syndrome. dont know if his surname is brooks or brookes i do know his name is alan. he does know about me the last time my mum spoke to him was in the bingo hall. i would appreciate any info even if its to say he doesnt want to know just so i can put closure on this. he does need to know his a grandad to amelia whos 2 1/2. and that im getting married in feb.

Posted on: 01/12/2008

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Name: heidi kinsey

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Town: portsmouth

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Name: alan brookes/brooks

Born: 1961

Reply posted on: 11/03/2011

From paul heritage

Town: coventry

Hi ive come across your post by accident. im looking for a friend of mine called chris kinsey who came from portsmouth but lived in lincoln. I know a while ago he got in to a spot of bother and landed up in prison. Would you happen to know the chris im talking about, if so could you give me his where abouts.