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need help to find aperson

Im looking for an UScitizen,ROBERT WYLIE HARRIS,born onjune 8 1949.Very tall,weight 90kgs,blue-grey eyes,grey hair (balding)evident scaron right side of forehead.My last contact with him was on sept 9 2007:ireceived a very disquieting mail,certainly not his.He wasliving in Mumbai and Ibelieve hes still there.
He is a member of The Family religious sect,aka Children of God,and Iwastrying to help him to get out.He simply vanished.I wrote to the US main office:they even denied his existence.Im very concerned,because Im sure this lack of contacts is not of his own free will.
Ireally hope you might help.Odette Janaway

Posted on: 04/12/2008

Poster Information:

Name: odette janaway

Born: 0

Town: imola

Looking For:

Name: Robert W Harris

Born: 1949

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