Message Posted By: Richard Wilkinson

I Hope you can trace my daughter and her family

Poster Information:

Name: Richard Wilkinson

Looking For:

Name: Janet Wilkinson

Town: Not Known

Reply posted on: 05/01/2013 17:36:30

From anthony wilkinson

Town: johannesburg

hi my name is anthony wilkinson .i have just found a family member after 33j .her name is janet wilkinson and is now married her new surname is lombard . i olso looking for her sister cathrene wilkinson .dont know if this is the same person u looking for u can contact me any time for info 0829754112 anthony thnx

Reply posted on: 06:40:00

From Mark Watkin

Hi there Really dont want to get your hopes up but I know a Janet Wilkinson. Was actually trying to get her phone number when I came across your ad.The Janet I know is in her 40s living in Birmingham and has 3 kids with a Jamaican guy though they arent together now.On the off chance that we are talking about the same person I can be contacted at at home or at during the day