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Looking for Ursula / Uta

Dear Ursula / Uta
Since Mohans death in 1991 June we have completly lost touch with you both as well as Helga. Where ever you are please get in touch with me as soon as you read this message. My E Mail address is and telephone no is 91 22 28401936. My address is V. G. Kamath, Green Acre, Plot No 19, Amritvan, Goregaon (East ) , Mumbai 400063 India.

Hoping luck would enable you to see this message.

4 January 2009

Posted on: 04/01/2009

Poster Information:

Name: Gopal Kamath

Born: 0

Town: Mumbai

Looking For:

Name: Ursula / Uta Bhat

Born: 1963

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