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Im looking for my half-brother and sister. (Donna and Darren) They were adopted young after parents had separated and were taken into care after mother had left them in the house one night at the age of 2 and 3. They lived in Halifax or Brighouse. Jeff (Jeoffory) Longbottom is their biological father. They are about 38 / 39 only a year between them Donna is the oldest. please contact with any info

Posted on: 14/12/2003 20:03:31

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Reply posted on: 11/01/2007

From Donna Longbottom

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I am not quite sure if this us, but my name is Donna and my brothers name is Darren. We come from Halifax (originally) and were adopted around that age. Darrens date of birth is 20/03/71 an mine is 27/08/72. Our father was known as Jeoffory our mother was known as Sylvia. I am not sure about other details. Please get in touch.

Reply posted on: 20/01/2006

From Christine Brown(Willis)

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Hi Lisa,
I know this is a long shot, but worth it. My grandfathers name was Frank Longbottom Lambert and he lived in Keighley Yorkshire, dont know if I am on the right track or not, please advise.