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Norma Jean Hayes is trying to find a very good childhood friend called SHELLEY LAWSON. We met when she moved here to Ireland about 1993 when she was apporx 15. We went to Presentation Secondary School in Limerick, Ireland. She has a younger brother called RYAN LAWSON with whom Im trying to get in conatct with too. Their grandparents live in Cambridge. The last time I heard from Shelley was when she was living in Nottingham I think, not sure though. Shelley loved art and german. She lived in Oman when she was younger. She speaks with an English accent. I know that she has lived over in Germany too for a while. Anhyone who has information about Shelley could you please email me on I would really appreciate it. Thank you so very much.

Posted on: 30/01/2009

Poster Information:

Name: Norma Jean Hayes

Born: 0

Town: Limerick

Looking For:

Name: Shelley Nina Lawson

Born: 79

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