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looking for my mum

i am looking for my mother which i have not seen for 32 years i last saw her when i was 5 i have been looking for her for a few years but had no luck my farther bought me to blackburn and my mum was still in bradford untill i was 5 we were all living in the same adress in bradford i do not have much of her details apart from the picture and her name but i do not no her name now.she was english before she married my farther.after marrige she became a muslim.her englsh name was gladdis then my farther named her yasmin hussain my farther was called mohammed hussain he has now passed away.i heard my mother is still in yourkshire somewhere if any one has seen her or knows her please can you please let me no please reply back

Posted on: 11/02/2009

Poster Information:

Name: parveen akhtar

Born: 0

Town: blackburn

Looking For:

Name: yasmin husain

Born: 1950

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