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Hi Trevor do you remember me

You Trevor were with your friend Steven on a Holiday in may/june 1993 in Malta (Quawra) You were there with your friend Steven. I was there also with my friend. I think your birthdate was (about) 6-6-1972. I think you said you were playing football. You were/are a tall boy with dark hair, your friend Steven was/is blond. A few times during the holiday we met/playd cards/ had a drink/playd pool-biljarts. I hope you or somebody who knows you recognises this. O yeah im not sure but i think that you said that you were a catholic and your friend Stevens protestant. Hope to hear from you...Arda

Posted on: 12/02/2009

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Name: Arda Taskin

Born: 0

Town: Rotterdam

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Name: Trevor I wish I knew

Born: 1972

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