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hi my name is jill i was born in july 1957 and i am searching for my father whom i have never met his name is granville ( gary )cooper and he was working as a chef in leicester in 1956 in an hotel my mother;s name is eileen and she had left home (n/ireland) to work in england if anyone knows my father please get in touch i would love to meet him or at the least know how he is and did he ever try to find me i know he did come to ireland but i was just a baby and dont remember please if you know him get in touch many thanks

Posted on: 20/12/2003 23:41:57

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Name: jill haggan

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Name: granville or gary cooper

Town: leicester

Reply posted on: 08/01/2007

From mary hendry

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Town: greenock

iam looking for a aunt who left nr ireland in the fifties and went to england her name was eileen, was your mothers own name mc cann by chance.

Reply posted on: 04/11/2012

From jill haggan

Town: lurgan

sorry just saw message no my mothers name was eileen elliott sorry i cant help x