Message Posted By: Samma Ahmed

help me find my father

i am trying to look for my father. my mother will not help me to find him so i have to find him myself.she has only given me a name and town. i really need to find him.his name is steve prentice(im not sure if thats the right spelling) and he lives in cornwall.thats the only information i have.if anyone knows anything please let me know. i also know that he has 4 daughters and he has been married twice.

Posted on: 11/03/2009

Poster Information:

Name: Samma Ahmed

Born: 0

Town: Mitcham

Looking For:

Name: Steve Prentice

Born: 1954

Reply posted on: 09/07/2016 13:48:07

From Stephen Prentice

Town: Auckland & Sydney

Dear Samma,

Were you born in 1989?
Is your mother Thai?

Reply posted on: 01/06/2016 09:07:24

From Steve Prentice

Town: Auckland


My name is Steve Prentice and Im originally from England but the other details (birth year, number of daughters) are not correct. It might be a long shot but if you message me with your mothers name, what country she is originally from and your birth year I will know for sure if its me. I think I am probably not the person you are looking for but who knows?