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Katrina Sian Fisk

My name is Tracy Curtis nee Fisk and I am desperately searching for my adopted sister Katrina Sian Fisk Katrina was born on the 8th January 1982 in Ipswich and adopted out , the forms being processed in Cambridge county court. Katrinas birth mothers name was Monica Lena Fisk and unfortunately Katrinas adoptive parents names were not recorded and are unknown. Katrina is likely not on the adoptive contact register. Katrina will be 27 now and if you or someone you know knows a Katrina who was adopted and born on 8th January 1982 Myself and her brother Jaimee who was also adopted out as an infant would dearly love for Katrina to make contact or register with the adoption contact register so the home office can give you our contact details. Thanks for reading this

Posted on: 13/04/2009

Poster Information:

Name: Tracy Curtis

Born: 0

Town: Napier

Looking For:

Name: Katrina Fisk

Born: 1982

Reply posted on: 07/01/2011

From Steve Yates

Town: Napier

Just a message to let everyone know not to give up hope in their search. Tracy and Katrina have now found each other and started talking via telephone and email and are both extremely happy to have found one another.