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wish to locate FRANCINE WISE approx 58 y/o

Any assistance would be appreciated in locating FRANCINE (nee) WISE or her younger sisters ANNE WISE or Ellen WISE. Their father is ERIC WISE (ex RAF)
ERIC WISE & his family were in Australia in the early 1960s and they returned to the UK in approx 1963 and in January of 1964 they were living at 51 Dagmarr Rd, Wood Green, London N.22.
Because Eric was in the RAF, it seems that perhaps he was moving house more than normal.
It is likely that Francine and her younger sisters married which makes it harder to locate them.
Francine is a long lost friend and I would dearly like to contact her.
Many thanks to any that can help out.
Olivier (Ollie)

Posted on: 20/05/2009

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Name: Ollie Dupuy

Born: 0

Town: Adelaide

Looking For:

Name: Francine Wise (nee)

Born: 1949

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