Message Posted By: Jennifer (Jennie) Jones nee Chapman

Megan we served together in the WRAC at catterick, I am tryiong every avenue to make contact. Have already contacted Gina. Too many years have passed since we were in contact, lets make up for lost time.

Poster Information:

Name: Jennifer (Jennie) Jones nee Chapman

Looking For:

Name: Megan (Megs) Smith

Born: 1940

Town: Catterick

Reply posted on: 10/11/2008

From Jennifer Jones

Born: 0

Town: Castle Cary

In answer to the Emma & Jackie: No Emma I do not come from Torquay - sorry. Jackie: I was only at Catterick for 3 months trade training in 1959......

Megan Smith was born in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, I am now giving up all hope of ever locating her.

Reply posted on: 03/02/2012

From tanya hall

Town: stanley

have you tried contacting the WRAC Association? they have their own web site - good luck

Reply posted on: 17/08/2006

From emma shotts

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Town: exeter

i dont know megan but am interested in knowing if you actually came from torquay and lived there in 1970, please contact me at

Reply posted on: 07/07/2008

From Jackie Dixon

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Town: Orlando

Hi there. I was in catterick camp in 1967 trying to train for a telephone switchboard operater. I was friends with Valerie Hollman. I was then posted to Beaconsfield near Oxford. You might not remember me.