Message Posted By: Kevin Butterworth

We are looking for our long lost Mother, whom we have not seen in 25 years.Her name is Rosemary Farnham(maiden name), she married my dad Micheal Albert Butterworth, as has two sons Kevin and Colin Butterworth.Any information would be appreciated, as we have not seen her in 25 years.

Posted on: 30/12/2003 06:17:30

Poster Information:

Name: Kevin Butterworth

Looking For:

Name: Rose(Mary) Farnham

Town: Lewisham

Reply posted on: 12/02/2010

From Roy Bolton

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Town: Haverhill


I am related to Rose. She has remarried and now lives in Gosport Hampshire. My Father in law is Ron Farnham, whose brother is Robert, Roses father.

Just found your request for info as Rose is actually sitting with me looking for you!
regards, Roy

Reply posted on: 13/02/2010

From rosemary dawber

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Town: Gosport hampshire

Hello Kevin & Colin

I do hope you get this message as I have been looking for you both for years.
Love Mum x