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Looking for Andria (maiden name: Champion)

Hello, is there anybody of the area near Brighton / Hove who is able to let me know how and where to reach Andria Champion? I met her while I was staying with my host-family (Ros and Chris Pollard) at Milner Road in Brighton by 1983. Andria was living with her parents in the house at the opposite of the road near the Slaughters family who should also remember me. Andria was living in different places in Germany for some time by 1986 and finally went back to England again. Last things I got to know was that she has been married and got children. She probably has changed her lastname after the wedding. Please help me to get in touch with her as I feel very sorry for my bad behaviour in former times and want to apologize for that!!!

Posted on: 29/07/2009

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Name: Buck Dirk

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Town: Hamburg

Looking For:

Name: Champion Andria

Born: 1968

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