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Anyone who knows of a guy called Jason or Grey

mum died of cancer, hes from Kennington. Got into drugs, crack i believe, coke likes a puff could be on heroin who knows! Hope hes off it. Been living from hostel to hostel, always in trouble with police back then in early 2000 to support drug habit. Lived in a dodgey hostel in Brixton for a while, possily a bail hostel by the looks of it. Maybe hes found a girlfriend, another babys mamma whatever, get in touch, we need to know hes still alive whether in prison, rehab, another country, whatever the circumstance if you know him please reply to us. He did attend his mothers funeral last july in London, also has family in KENT. Auntie possible cousins too.

Posted on: 28/08/2009

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Name: kai grey AGE 8

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Town: west midlands

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Name: Jason Grey

Born: 71

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