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lost relative

started family tree and came across cousins of my mothers we never knew exsisted Eric also had a brother Raymond who would be about 71 and i think was born in Uxbridge I would dearly love to get in touch

Posted on: 14/09/2009

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Name: brenda keyte

Born: 0

Town: gt yarmouth

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Name: eric powell

Born: 73

Reply posted on: 05/11/2014 17:27:27

From Cheryl Keyte

Town: London

Hello Brenda,
Sorry cant help you with your request for information re. Eric Powell, but I am wondering if you are Brenda Keyte born in 1945 in Hackney, London? If you are, then I believe we are 2nd cousins! Love to hear from you as I know no one from my Grandfathers extended family except his children (my aunt and some uncles, all deceased now)
Kind regards, Cheryl